A water and electric utility billing software designed to provide greater efficiency, productivity, and financial control   for utility operations. EBS2000 is extensive, it provides billing and cash receipts, maintenance of customer and rate information, and a myriad of report options. It supplies important functions such as account inquiry by accounts number, name and address. It also produces reports with extensive statistical summaries based on services, rates, and routes. Historical data is available on-line for billing/payment activity and consumption. EBS2000 is uncomplicated but comprehensive, flexible and fast.



Electric Meter Reading is a state of the art electronic meter reading software that capture and store meter reads from electric or water meters. . It also collects non-meter reading information, including meter conditions, hazardous conditions, tamper information, survey data and high/low reading checks.



Consumer Management System 2000 is an integrated solution that automates the manual process of consumer application and maintains consumer records.



System should be able to automate & monitor Attendance, Movements, and Leave records of all employees efficiently thereby increasing the accuracy and security. System should automatically computes Payroll, Deductions, Taxes and all monies due to employees. System should be able to track and provide accurate information on Personnel



A system designed to effectively handle and manage the complexities of the financial processes of a Electric Utility Business, thereby improving its operation and performance. ACAM / BSUP READY



System should be able to aid Electric Utilities in the Material Management. It generates all the important reports in any inventory such as Material Balance Summary of releases and receive materials (BIN Card), total cost of project, etc..