To maximize your IT productivity, ECI together with its resellers and partners offers a complete set of value-added training and support services:



– an intense training program designed to quickly increase IT proficiency. Courses are available for every level of experience – from the basic understanding of the products concept all the way to an expert level – including all the setup and configurations along the way.



– brings scenarios and computer environments. ECI consulting is available for such projects as RADD, prototyping, and rightsizing and delivering intelligent enterprise storage and retrieval solutions.


Maintenance Program

– provided by ECI together with its resellers and partners, the Maintenance Program encompasses new product releases, upgrades, subscriptions to marketing and technical bulletins, and access to the electronic bulletin board.


User Groups

– bring IT consultants together under the auspices of Distributors, providing an excellent forum for sharing knowledge, ideas, applications concepts and techniques. There are currently over 100 active User Groups throughout the world.


Magic eDeveloper Training
Authorized Magic Training Center
Certified Magic Training Instructor
Fully Equipped with Manuals and Materials
Courses Offered with Certificates
Fundamentals of Magic eDeveloper Programming
Intermediate of Magic eDeveloper Programming
Advanced Magic eDeveloper Programming
Migration to eDeveloper 10
Magic eService
Bug Fixes
System Problem Reports (SPR’s)
Minor and Major Updates
Minor and Major Programming Problems

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