Pervasive SQL V12


PSQL v12 SP1 New Features

Online Defragmenter

Automatic Defragmentation – The online defragmenter can now be set to run automatically – you don’t have to manually add files to the list and then defragment them. PSQL can find, select and defragment files automatically. One hour after being turned on, auto-defragmentation begins checking for files to defragment. PSQL finds files that have been active since the last engine restart and then tests those files for any of the following:

  • Fragmented 15% or more
  • Containing 15% or more unused space
  • Containing 5% or more records out of order

Defragmentation starts as soon as PSQL finds a file that meets any of the criteria, and defragments one file at a time. When one file is finished, PSQL waits one minute before starting on the next one. For efficiency, files smaller than 10 MB and files that have been defragmented in the past 24 hours are ignored.

Disk Space Management – During defragmentation, the PSQL engine monitors available disk space. If your application’s need for disk space poses a risk to your application execution, PSQL automatically cancels defragmentation to release resources.

Cancel All – From both the Defragmenter window and the dbdefrag command line, Cancel All will halt all analysis and defragmentation activity.

Defragmenting Multiple Files with dbdefrag – The dbdefrag command line utility now accepts multiple file names.

Defragmentation with Open File Handles – Additional defragmentation requests are no longer blocked if a file is opened during defragmentation. This enables more frequent defragmenting of very active files, where it is often needed most.

Expanded Unicode Support

NCHAR Support in PCC – PSQL Control Center (PCC) now supports editing of view, procedure and trigger body text and default column values that contain NCHAR text outside of the database code page.

New Unicode Collations – PSQL v12 SP1 supports two new Unicode collations for use with the Btrieve STRING and WSTRING data types. The collation called root is the default Unicode collation defined by the International Components for Unicode (ICU) standard. The collation called u54-msft_enus_0 emulates the PSQL ISR collation MSFT_ENUS01251 text when applied to UTF-8 or UTF-16 data.

Updated PSQL SDKs

ADO.NET – The ADO.NET 4.2 SDK now supports Microsoft Visual Studio 2015.

JDBC and JCL – 64-bit access methods on Microsoft Windows.

PDAC – 32-bit design time packages and 32- and 64-bit runtime packages for RAD Studio XE4, XE5, XE6, XE7, XE8, XE10 and XE10.1(Berlin).


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