Everywhere Consulting, Incorporated (ECI) is a recognized software solutions provider in the IT industry and offers solution that works for customers. ECI was established as the exclusive distributor of Pervasive.SQL and Magic Software.

Our experience as a software solutions provider enables us to share to our customers the knowledge and skills necessary for customers to pursue their goal in the development of information technology in their respective organization. We succeed in such endeavor because we involve ourselves to learn the IT needs and understand exactly the requirements of customers.

ECI offers a wide range of products and services that enable our customers to freely select the appropriate solution to the changing needs of the organization. The products and services that we offer are the following:



Magic XPA (Software Development Tool)
Magic XPI (Data Integration Tools)
Pervasive.SQL Relational Database



Software Development
Business Application Consultancy
Systems Integration
Software Training



GAS2000 – Accounting System
HRMIS2000 – Human Resources Management Information System
WIS2000 – Warehouse Inventory System
EBS2000/EMR2000 – Utility Billing and Collection System
CMS2000 – Consumer Management System



ECI distributes its products through a direct Sales Force, Value-Added Resellers (VAR’s), Systems Integrators (SI’s), Independent Software Developer’s (ISD’s), Consultants and Original Equipment Vendors / Manufactures. ECI markets and supports its three major products with over thousands of licenses/units sold to date. A large and growing installed base of programmers and end users are taking advantage of tremendous productivity benefits. These include corporate IS staff, consultants, VAR’s, system integrators, independent developers and packaged-software publishers. ECI products perform strategic functions not only in Philippines but also in some of the world’s most prestigious organizations and institutions.

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